Topic outline

  • General

    The course is prepared by Fondo Formación Euskadi (FFE) in the framework of OpenPROF project.

    In these demanding and dynamic times we are living, where we do so many activities with multiple tools and media, we realize that our life and work are less productive. It's the same story wherever you go these days, we feel overwhelmed with things to do and we have too many matters to handle. It doesn't matter what your job is: managers, salespeople, administrators,...everyone has the same common bond: they're not able to get everything done...
    What is that lack of productivity and poor personal management due to? Our work? The environment around us? The technology we use? Our bad habits? Our bad habits? We all have the same amount of time: 24 hours per day. The real issue is how we organize our time." This is what differentiates people who achieve excellent results and those that achieve average results in their performance. Throughout this course we are going to identify the problem, what should be changed, and how to do so. The problem will be identified, you will be motivated and offered a solution.
    The idea of this course is to carry out a series of positive habits and in this way, reach a productive equilibrium to be an organized and efficient person. We want to be more efficient in our daily lives and work. It's not worth much to your day to read the latest innovations and updates if you don't have time to implement them.
    If right now you feel consumed by stress and strangled by your tasks, you have two options: allow that black hole of anxiety, pressure and wasted time drag you down or take action to get ahead.


    Help you to be a more productive, organized and efficient person capable of managing yourself well.
    You have to prioritize your tasks and learn not to procrastinate.
    Learn to discern between the essential and the irrelevant. Be capable to squeezing the most out of each hour of the day.
    Know and apply a method composed of strategies, techniques and abilities that can help you day to day.

    The course has a theoretical part, but the focus is totally practical, and it is important you take this into account from the outset.
    The idea is to change bad habits into more productive actions. That's why in this chapter, behaviors are proposed that will make you rethink how you are currently doing things. You are advised to adopt the process gradually and practically. For the study of this course, you are advised to have a clear mind and be in a calm place. Have a paper and pencil handy, it will be interesting to take notes or make lists, diagrams or
    outlines that throughout this text will be suggested to you in order to cement your progress. Regardless of the exercises, it will be helpful to have the notebook and pencil in order to take notes about everything that is happening.