OER and Sustainability Models

Unit 1. Understanding the ‘open education approach’ and OER’s characteristics

Assignment 1. Concepts and Characteristics of OER

The aim of the assignment: having understood the open education approach in this assignment, you will be able analyse some concepts of OER. 


  1. analyse the timeline of open education in this site: http://timemapper.okfnlabs.org/okfnedu/open-education-timeline
  2. select three events or initiatives that represent the concepts of open educationopen course and open content.
  3. organize a new timeline for your country and introduce three activities that are related with the OER movement.
  4. choose an open resource and, with the 4 Rs Framework, decide if you can adapt and reuse the resource.
  5. select  from the web or a repository a Big OER and a Little OER.


The result expected.

After undertaking these tasks, you will have developed an understanding on the diversity of concepts and activities on what an OER can be.