OER and Sustainability Models

2.2 Use, Re-used or Produce an OER

Assignment 2. Search, select and adapt an OER

The aim of the assignment: having completed this assignment, you will be able to search, select and adapt an OER. Follow this guide to implement the assignment:  [http://elearninginfographics.com/how-to-search-for-open-educational-resources-infographic/


  1. choose a repository or an online source  where you can find open  educational resources that can be  adapted, remixed and re-used.
  2. select one resource. 
  3. adapt the resource to use in a training situation ( introduce a modification, re-order, mix with other content, and so on).
  4. choose the same type of Licence. 

The result expected. 

  • After undertaking these tasks, you will have developed skills to find, select and use/reuse  an OER.