Target group: This training material targets trainer in the area of adult education, vocational education as well as in the area of continuing education and training.

Content of the material: On the one hand the material contains general ideas on how to design a curriculum for work-based learning settings; on the other hand it also provides specific accesses on how to implement a training setting.

Duration: It is supposed to be mastered within a two day training session (16 hours).

Methodology: Theoretical information; presentations; team and or group activities; research activities; reflection exercises.

Special requirements: To access all areas of the training material you have to make sure that you have an internet connection.

Aim of the material: Having successfully completed all training material,

You will have knowledge about:

  • different tools and methods of innovate curriculum for work-based learning;
  • didactical approaches and different methods to evaluate and assess work-based learning
  • different methods to evaluate and assess work-based learning

You will be able to:

  • list characteristics of innovative curriculum for work based learning
  • make an argument on your choice of methods and your learning approach
  • develop professional learning outcomes and
  • critically reflect your training approach.