OER: Some Tips to Write a Script

Some Tips for Writing a Script

The construction of the narrative, is always a "difficult" part, because we are always thinking, "how to organize ideas?". Here are  a few tips that can help structure the narrative:

Principle - Presentation

Set the subject of the narrative. The narrative will be about? Look summarize in a sentence / question. Example: How is being a student online at the Open University? (See video)

  1. Set the main character who will drive the narrative and present some features / details that are important for the development of the narrative (emotional, physical, ...)
  2.  What does the character want? What does she need? What is your motivation? 4 - Set the conflict. What prevents the character. What is the opposite force? Who? What?

Middle - Action

Tangle situations that help build the narrative. What obstacle (s) the character has to win, to overcome the conflict. Setbacks that arise. Situations that have to overcome to achieve the ultimate goal. Some of these situations / obstacles to overcome, can contribute to the learning / changes in character. In the latter part of this act, the character reaches the time for the resolution of your original goal.

End - Resolution

What is the character won? What was the change?


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