6. Assembling the application

Dear Friend,

This is the last unit of this module. You have gone through all units and completed most of the activities we have proposed and you had hopefully the chance to discuss all the issues with peers, partners and your mentor (face to face and on-line) that you found important for developing a good project plan. This final unit invites you to finalize your plan. After that, you can start organizing the upcoming period, to work out a detailed application.

At the end of this unit you will have:

  • finalised the parts of your plan;
  • assembled your plan in the desired logical sequence;
  • sent your partners the plan for feedback;
  • revised the whole plan based on the feedback;
  • sent the plan to your mentor or tutor;
  • received feedback.

You will need 45 minutes to complete the tasks of the present unit.

1. The role of this excercise

The importance of sending this assembled plan to your mentor or tutor is to get an overall external view on your project to be developed. This overall external view is not an expert view, just feedback from a critical friend, an objective peer review. It gives you an opportunity to have feedback and to further edit your plan, or revise parts of it if you are not satisfied with the outcome.

The feedback of your mentor or tutor does not represent an official appraisal of your plan. Your mentor or tutor is not in the role of an official representative of any National Contact Points or Grant Agencies. She or he cannot and will not forward, liaise or advocate your mobility plan, and please do not use this learning opportunity to quote as an official reference in the tendering procedure.

Activity 1 – Finalise your plan

Collect and assemble your work in one document. For this work you can download and use our template.

Make sure that all parts are in a logical sequence.

Read the document and make necessary changes before you save and archive it.


Activity 2– Ask feedback from the planned partnership

Up to this point you probably have gone through a number of meetings face to face and on-line on some or on more parts of the plan. Those discussions may have been informal but it also may be that you have decided to work alone building on your past experience and well established network. Whatever your case might be, it is time now to send your final draft to all the partners you mentioned in the plan.

You should express yourself clearly in by stating that this is a draft plan and detailed feedback may considerably increase the likelihood of writing a successful application.


We think that after several stages of planning, it is the time to show the outcomes to your mentor or tutor.

Activity 3  – Upload you plan

Upload your plan here as an on-line activity in the Moodle platform, so that your mentor or tutor may give feedback to you.

Attach only one file (the format should be .doc or .pdf.)

The tutor feedback will arrive soon.


Dear Friend,

At the end of this final unit, we hope that you have found helpful all, or most of our units and that you have enjoyed the previous tasks. Upon finishing this module we advise you to continue with the next module.